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Why PR and Why Boutique?

PR is Affordable: Traditional advertising comes with a price tag of several thousand,
to hundreds of thousands of dollars required for a one-time placement. One-time
placement ads capture little interest and the cost is far out of reach for most publicity-
seekers. Compared with traditional advertising, public relations is an affordable way to
reach potential audiences and consumers on a regular, consistent basis to enhance the

client's branding efforts.

PR is a Proven Sales Tool: Media placements drive name recognition and sales.  
Strings of media placements (the goal) can be also be leveraged to drive broader

public awareness and continued exposure.

PR is a Business Investment: There is a misconception that our most celebrated brands,
products and public figures were an instant success. The truth is that it takes time to
penetrate, and certainly to dominate the consumer market as a household name. Public
relations is best understood as a business investment and a part of your overall sales
and marketing strategy towards achieving business growth and a higher media profile.

Consumers need to know who you are, where to find you and why.

Editorial Seal of Approval: PR is not assumed to be bought and paid for in the
eyes of consumers. A product or concept highlighted by journalists and “people in the
know” is legitimized as a third party endorsement.

Hook or Sink: Successful PR is more important than ever before. The news market is
flooded with products, businesses and experts all vying for coveted media opportunities
on major TV Broadcast, Radio, Print, Internet, Digital and Social Media. Publicity fills

the media demand for hand-fed stories and constant content. Without a hook, your story

may never get out of the water.

Consumers are Increasingly Skeptical: Ads are used so often and so invasively
that consumers have tuned them out. Articles featuring ideas and products are more
credible to consumers and drive word-of-mouth peer recommendations.

A Boutique Agency Understands Your Business Needs 

Cost Effective: Boutique agencies can provide a different tier of prices and flexibility

to smaller businesses and clients.

Personalized Service: Boutique agencies maintain a smaller client base, which frees
up more time for individualized service. Larger agencies will prioritize your position in a 

stack of clients, with larger budgets winning the day.

Small Business Understanding: Boutique agencies are small businesses too and
uniquely understand small business challenges and priorities.

Contact: Kelila Shapiro


P: 323-951-9300



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