"Kelila Shapiro is a consummate professional whose PR skills are impeccable. I would heartily recommend
her as someone who is indefatigable and highly effective in promoting books."

                                                                        --Linda Greenspan Regan, Executive Editor, Prometheus Books

A friend recommended Kelila when I was ready to publish my next book. Her PR campaign brought
tremendous press for my book in the U.S. and in the International media. I appeared on Good Morning
America, MSNBC, CNN,  Headline News with Glenn Beck, NPR and a host of other newspapers, magazines,
TV programs and live radio. My Amazon rankings were huge in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain. The
rights to my book were purchased by publishing houses in five countries, including China. Needless to say,
we worked together on my next book as well with tremendous success here, and around the globe.

                                     --Dr. Stephan Poulter, Psychologist and Author (The Father Factor, The Mother Factor).

"Kelila is a joy to work with. She makes it so easy to organize a PR campaign that appeals to the media.  
We got great press working with her."
                                                                                 --Jean Vavra, founder Natural Selection Bath and Body

"I've maintained a working relationship with Kelila for many years and she continues to yield consistent,
top-tier press for my brand. I'd recommend her to my colleagues and friends --  And Have!"

                                                                                                               --Ray Raglin, CEO, MaleFace Skincare

"Kelila has collaborated with me on some great campaigns. She's a sharp woman and a class act. It's
always great and fun to work with her."

                                                                                                     --Steve Allen, Founder Steve Allen Media

"Kelila Shapiro has responded to my passion and efforts with nothing less than sincere enthusiasm,
respect and energy. Because of her professionalism and humility, she always challenges me to improve
and offer my very best product(s)."

                     --Gary Dumas / Author, Speaker, Product Developer and Radio Host. www.garydumas.com.

"Kelila always delivers a smashing campaign for my new designer handbags and accessories! I've retained
her to work on many of my PR projects over the years."

                                                                                             --Timmy Woods, Fashion and Accessories Designer

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