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Kelila Shapiro/ShapiroPR/LA Publicist/Public Relations Firm/Los Angeles Publicity Firm

Kelila Shapiro | ShapiroPR | Biography

ShapiroPR: Your Dedicated Public Relations Firm

ShapiroPR, founded by Kelila Shapiro, is a public relations firm based in Los Angeles and West Hollywood, California providing publicity and public relations campaign services to individual clients and businesses for over twenty years! Small business owners have always been welcomed.

As a boutique PR firm, ShapiroPR has represented clients across a broad range of specialties and industries, including: authors, professional experts, physicians, business experts, attorneys, and entrepreneurs, with a varied focus from lifestyle/feature and consumer-related topics and specialty areas including books, psychology, health, fashion/accessories, home/decor, medical, fitness, health, technology, business, beauty, and grooming.

ShapiroPR has developed strategic and successful media campaigns on behalf of PR clients, forging relationships with top reporters, writers, and producers in Broadcast Television, Radio, News Print, Magazines, Internet/Digital Platforms, Social Media, Blogs, and Global News Services, generating solid media exposure for clients across the globe.

It is ShapiroPR's philosophy that client success is the best measure of its own, and the firm works to share this goal with her clients. ShapiroPR is focused on driving results that make a measurable difference for clients and drive business success.

Company Founder | ShapiroPR

Kelila began her career in public relations in 1999 and has worked with an extensive variety of clients and consumer brands, launching PR campaigns that have helped clients garner name-brand recognition and media placements within local, regional, national, and international news markets.

Kelila Shapiro is a graduate of The University of California at Los Angeles, (UCLA). She holds a degree in sociology with an emphasis on communication, media, and psychology. Her approach to PR links back to her educational background and professional experiences to offer clients thoughtful, well-researched analyses, perspectives, and popular insights to deliver

great press time and again.

Contact: Kelila Shapiro


Public Relations

Los Angeles and West Hollywood, CA

P: 323-951-9300



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