PR For You

What Can PR Do For You?

The business rewards of publicity success for my clients are numerous. The media placements garnered
through a public relations campaigns have -- and continue to have -- an immediate and long-term impact on demand and continued for for their expertise, products and services. ShapiroPR is focused on delivering results that make a measurable
difference,  and drive business success. With focused public relations efforts, ShapiroPR
clients have gained:

  • Name Recognition and Brand Distinction

  • Top Tier Earned Media

  • Publishing Success! Over 250,000 Plus Copies in Book Sales

  • The Sale of Book Rights Across Continents

  • Top Sales Rankings on Amazon U.S.A, Amazon Canada and Amazon U.K.

  • Immediate Demand For Products and Interviews at Top Media Outlets

  • Regular Requests For Interviews and Products Long After Initial Publication and Launch

  • A Global String of Articles and Off-Shoot Stories

  • Established Credibility and Expert Status

  • Opportunities For Larger Market Distribution

  • Social Media Growth

  • Direct Consumer Purchases From Story and Product Placements

  • Substantial Increases in Web Traffic and SEO Rankings

  • Sharpened their skills for the next steps in business growth and given them the credentials needed to be branded, "An Expert" in their chosen fields of expertise

  • Organic Website Growth through Digital Story Media Links

  • New Business Leads, Inquiries From Buyers and Sales Representatives

  • Boosted Interest and Sales at Trade Shows

  • Contracts For Future Projects, Products and Services

  • Continued Media Inquiries and Coverage For Years

  • Interest From Major Retailers and Investors

  • Publicity Begets Publicity: More Coverage!

As your publicist, it is Kelila's philosophy that public relations campaign successes are

the best measure of her own, and she works to share this goal with her clients, as a team!

Contact: Kelila Shapiro


P: 323-951-9300


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