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PR Services For You

Effective PR campaigns and media placement take solid planning and an understanding of how public relations campaigns fit with media demands and the constant need to deliver newsworthy stories. When executed correctly, great PR, delivered through compelling, credible storytelling, leverages the client + agency collaboration of insights and concepts for editorial inclusion through quotes, expert interviews, product features and so much more -- It's the kind of advertising that cannot be bought!

Campaign Management

ShapiroPR excels in campaign management, offering expertise and innovation to elevate your

brand. Our process starts with a detailed assessment of your media campaign goals, crafting

a personalized strategy aligned with your brand identity. From meticulous planning to flawless

execution, our dedicated team ensures impactful campaigns that captivate audiences and

meet your objectives. Count on ShapiroPR to adeptly navigate complexities, transforming your

vision into a compelling success story.

Media Relations

Navigate the media landscape with finesse through our strategic media relations services.

Our expert team at ShapiroPR ensures that your brand's message resonates effectively,

establishing a solid presence across diverse media channels.


Crises Management

Trust ShapiroPR to guide you through turbulent times with our crisis management expertise.

Our proactive approach helps safeguard your brand's integrity, mitigating potential risks

and ensuring a swift, effective response when crises arise.


Brand Building

Elevate your brand's stature with ShapiroPR's brand-building strategies. We specialize in

creating and communicating a distinctive brand identity, fostering positive perceptions,

and ensuring your brand stands out in competitive markets.


Content Creation

Fuel your brand's storytelling with ShapiroPR's strategic content creation services.

Our team excels at developing engaging narratives that captivate audiences across

various platforms, reinforcing your brand message with impact.


Reputation Management

Entrust ShapiroPR with the protection and enhancement of your online reputation.

Our comprehensive reputation management services ensure that your brand maintains

a positive image, even in the face of challenges, and continues to resonate with your

target audience.


Influencer Marketing

Elevate your brand with ShapiroPR's innovative Influencer Marketing. We forge authentic

partnerships, seamlessly weaving your message into the digital narrative. Our strategic

approach ensures genuine resonance, leveraging influential figures to boost credibility

and reach. From pinpointing fitting influencers to crafting compelling narratives, we

customize solutions for your brand to stand out in the dynamic PR landscape.


As a ShapiroPR Client, You Can Expect:

  • Regional and National Editorial Features, News Stories, Interviews, and Media Product Placements

  • Personalized Media Campaign Goal Assessment, Planning, and Launch

  • Product Launches and Introductions

  • Enhanced Public Profile and Brand Management

  • Press Coverage and PR Promotion For Events

  • One-on-One Personalized Client Service

  • Social Media Boost with Published Internet Stories to Link, Market, and Optimize Organic Website Growth Online

  • Your PR Campaign delivered as a Hyper-charged + Credible Viral Word of Mouth For Mass Appeal

  • PR Services To Strategically Augment and Integrate Your Marketing and Advertorial Campaigns

  • Regional and National Broadcast Network Television and Radio PR Campaigns

  • Press Promotions and PR For Keynote Speaking Engagements

  • On-going PR Strategy and Campaign Counsel

  • Targeted Media Outreach For Your Expertise, Products, and Brand Awareness

  • A Collection of Editorially Penned Earned Media Articles, Postings, and Clips From Top Tier Press

  • Key Editorial Press Endorsements to Help Market, Build, and Enhance Your Brand Across All                                             Digital, Broadcast, and Print --- Cost Effective and More Credible Than Ad Buys

  • Writing Services: Press releases and Digital Media Press Kits 

  • Niche Media Placement

  • Internet/Digital Story Placement and News Features

  • Special Event Consultation and Press Promotions

  • News Monitoring To Keep On Top of Current Events and Industry Trends

  • In-person and Virtual Media Tours

  • Website Design Consultation and Writing Services

  • Newswire Distribution

  Contact: Kelila Shapiro


  P: 323-951-9300


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ShapiroPR Public Relations Services are available in Los Angeles, CA and across the United States, in regional and major metros including: San Francisco, CA | Orange County, CA | San Diego, CA | San Jose, CA | Las Vegas, NV | New York, NY | Boston, MA | Atlanta, GA |  Chicago, IL | Houston, TX | Dallas, TX | San Antonio, TX | Miami, FL | Clearwater, FL | Palm Beach, FL | Denver, CO | Washington D.C | Canada and Internationally

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