ShapiroPR is your direct communication source with the press, providing public relations services and key access to top news media outlets. With broad media outreach and strong professional relationships, ShapiroPR works to create demand for your expertise, to build your brand, distinguishing your business from the thousands of competitors.

As an independent public relations boutique firm, ShapiroPR has provided top tier editorial media placement and promotional services in Television, Radio, News Print & Magazine, Internet, Online Platforms and Social Media for individual clients and businesses for over twenty years!

Kelila Shapiro, founder of ShapiroPR, brings an expert eye to a range of clients and practice areas, including: books and authors, experts, business and tech, psychology and health, consumer products, fashion and accessories, home and decor, beauty and grooming across local, national and international news markets. 

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P: 323-951-9300



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